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top! food retail store main target is to understand our clients and main objective is to provide consumers and customers needs of for adequate prices all day-to-day food and non-food goods in the direct vicinity of their place of residence:

  • high customer satisfaction
  • the availability of the goods offered one place
  • an extensive store chain coverage throughout the whole Latvia

Trade mark of top! explanation can be founded its names interpretation where each letter to reflect one of the corporate values:

“T” – frugality (taupība). Consumer age-old dilemma proclaims that the families  desires are unlimited, but budget – limited. The consumer wants to get more benefit than the existing top! store chain – one of the main fundamental rights – to help customers save money, creating such an assortment of goods and price policy , so customer budget is able to satisfy customer needs as much as possible.

“O” –organisation (organizācija). Organize store chain of internal and external activity, so that it is always in motion and be able to react quickly to consumer and market requirements. Coordinated and targeted activity provides top! constant growth and consumer satisfaction and pleasure of their visit in our stores.

“P” – Help (palīdzība). Any top! store employee's main task is to help the customer make the right choices and receive all the information,so  shopping in top! stores would be pleased for the whole family.



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AS "Diana" owns one store-warehouse “LABAIS” in Ventspils, Durbes Street 38/40. Improving and renovating Warehouse’s place, it has became modern, light and spacious space, which opened in 20 June 2014 the store- warehouse “LABAIS”.

Our shop is arranged with handy and spacious aisles, which provide a convenient shopping. Extend alcohol and beer portfolio, as well as other main sortiments in other goods groups for families or small businesses necessary. We have large packages available for affordable prices, which are popular around local cafes. You’ll be able to easily get your purchase to your car by a trolley, because next to the store is a convenient and extensive parking lot.

Waiting for customers from Monday to Saturday, our working time 8:00 – 22:00.